October 12, 2017


Tbh, i have lot of work to do atm, so i promise myself that this is going to be one real quick post. 15 minutes break, promise!

So, i went to SASA this evening hoping to only spend about RM30 there but then i splurged up to RM85 on only mascara and this damn spring water. But somehow i didn't regret that much since i really need a brand new 35 bucks mascara for my bestfriend's and my sister's convocation day this coming week. And the other 50 bucks on trio pack (50 ml each) of Avène Thermal Spring Water was kinda worth every penny. It was a buy 2 free 1 deal (it gets me everytime). Actually, i was looking for a makeup finishing / setting spray. Not because i need one. Only cause i want one lol. And i ended up with this spring water because the beauty consultant suggested me so.

I honestly know nothing about spring water or whatever associated with it before. Probably because i don't really need one in the first place. But hey, i guess my skin is thirsty for it ever since today fgs! Wait, what's so special about this water darl? You just bought it and have it with you for about 3 hours are you kidding me that you already make a review about this thing? RM50 for only 3 cans of water in white metallic bottle with spray nozzles. Is it sprinkled with unicorn dust or confetti to make your skin glow? Well, no honey, it's really just water. Haha!

So, after minutes of unnecessary research on Google like of course, where else? It's said that the precious water is from the Cévennes Mountains in Avène, France. I don't even know how to pronounce it correctly since French is not my first language, whatever. It's basically magical water that said will solve a ton of your beauty woes. Well, let's see the magic on me skin later on. It's one of a kind. You can do the reading more by clicking here: Avène Thermal Spring Water. I find it very convenient that i can take it wherever i go inside my handbag because it's travel sized. Beautifully cooling but never too cold. I already sprayed it on my face only a couple of hundred times because that's just me. I get easily obsessed with new things. And hope this one will suit my skin. Better be worth it. Amen to that! Okay back to work fiqazizi.